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AVA ‘ALL SEASONS’ mattress in-a-box

from £450

The Cleanest most comfortable place you will sleep!

After three years of product development, Mattressgard™ has launched the The AVA ‘ALL SEASONS’ mattress in-a-box.

Unlike all other recently launched boxed mattresses, the AVA ‘ALL SEASONS’ is a genuine two-sided turnable mattress, not only doubling the life expectancy of the mattress, but enabling two distinctly different sleep surfaces to be built into each mattress.

Using British Vita foams, specifically developed for the British bed market the AVA ‘ALL SEASONS’ incorporates a 5-layer sleep support system.

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For Autumn/Winter one side is finished with a full 50mm luxurious Memory Foam layer, supported by a comfort layer of specialist British Vita ‘Comfort Support Foam’.

For Spring/Summer the second side is finished with a 50mm layer of Cooling Laygel foam, again supported by a layer of specialist British Vita ‘Comfort Support Foam’.

The use of this special Cooling Laygel foam is designed to enable a great night’s sleep, even during those hot summer months, when a full night’s sleep can be easily disrupted.

Finally, the centre of each AVA ‘ALL SEASONS’ mattress is manufactured using British Vita ‘Reflex Foam’, ensuring that each mattress enables each customer to have a great supportive foundation layer, with both the Memory Foam and Cooling Laygel Foam sleep-layers providing the appropriate sleep comfort layer, depending on the ‘Season’ of the year.

To complete the unique features of the AVA ‘ALL SEASONS’ mattress and to provide unparalleled levels of bedding hygiene , carefully selected mattress tickings have been chosen to enable a combined Staingard & Sanitized treatment to be applied.

Staingard, the largest anti-staining treatment company in the UK has worked with Sanitized of Switzerland to provide the following benefits to customers buying an AVA mattress.

  • High Performance Staingard™ treatment, extremely effective against liquid absorption and protects against many forms of staining (including Tea, Coffee, Wine, Urine, Blood etc).
  • Certified by Allergy UK to be totally effective against Dust Mite colonisation, therefore preventing dust mite allergens.
  • Certified to prevent fabric mould and odour (resulting from liquid spillages)
  • Over 99.99% effective against E.coli and MRSA (the super-bug).
  • Meet current UK ‘Domestic’ mattress fire regulations.
  • Conforms to the new European Biocidal Product Regulations.

Each customer can therefore be assured of not only an extremely supportive and comfortable night’s sleep, but one that is truly hygienic and healthy.

The Ava range from Fabbsleep also includes regular one sleep surface boxed products including a Memory mattress as well as a 2000 Pocket Memory or Laygel Mattress.

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Mattressgard Ava
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